Anita Kucharska & Maciek 'Kruger' Kiersztyn


Maciek "Kruger" Kiersztyn


Anita Kucharska

Born in Wroclaw, Poland.

Alumnus of Technical University of Wroclaw, Department of Architecture.

Main interests: travelling, languages, computer gfx, biking, kayaking.

Born in Wroclaw.

Alumnus of Technical University of Wroclaw, Department of Management and Computer Science.

Main interests: travelling, photography, gliding, languages, biking.

During our travels we try to see as much as possible, take photos and notes of the visited places, we are happy to have an opportunity to share our experiences and observations. Photography makes us feel we don't watch the world around only for ourselves.

We cooperate with many editorials both in Poland and abroad, including the Polish Scientific Publishers PWN.

We have organized numerous exhibitions and slide shows in various cities of Poland.

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